Beginner's Guide to SolidWorks
     The "Beginnerís Guide to SolidWorks" book set is intended for the  user who wants to learn SolidWorks in an easy to follow tutorial using a hands-on approach, or as a textbook for instructor lead training.  We use a highly visual approach to learn SolidWorks by graphically illustrating every step and explaining what is being done and (more importantly) the reason for it at the same time. Each book includes a multimedia DVD with over 4 hours of video, making it even easier to learn SolidWorks. 

     Upon request, multimedia teaching materials are available to instructors, which will greatly enhance the student's learning experience, making your job easier.

      Our books have been implemented by educational institutions as textbook for drafting, design and engineering courses at all levels from High Schools, Community Colleges and Universities.  Commands are presented in a logical and increasingly challenging level, while constantly reviewing previously learned material. Advanced options are introduced anly after the user has mastered basic concepts.

Level I

     The reader learns commands while building a series of projects from start to finish including detail drawings, assemblies, interference detection, bill of materials, fasteners and more.  New commands are always introduced in a logical sequence helping the user master the basics and move forward at a steady pace.

    Level II

     The second level covers advanced topics ranging from Top Down design, Sheet Metal, Weldments, Surfacing, Multi-Body design, Mold Tools and more, building on the knowledge learned from Level I and following the same easy to learn approach as the first book.

     After each lesson students are given exercises to reinforce the material learned.